About the project

Welcome to the virtual platform dedicated to Istrian traditional instruments and the traditional music of Istria (ITI). This web edition is the continuation of the project of the Ethnographic Museum of Istria (EMI) which resulted in the publication of the catalogue Istrian traditional instruments from the collection of the Ethnographic Museum of Istria. In addition to achieving greater availability for the professional and general public, the goal of this site is to make a step forward from printed publications and from the issue of the content itself.

The idea for the ITI is to come alive as a platform to create a virtual database of open access dedicated to traditional instruments of Istria, no matter where these instruments are physically located. In addition to presenting the collection of instruments from the EMI, the online database will gradually include information on the instruments from other museum collections. A large number of traditional instruments are in private collections, or belong to folklore groups and other various institutions. Our desire is to collect and publish information from these sources.

As for the instruments, the same applies to their makers. The list and information about the makers, which are currently on this site, are not final. As we gather new data on persons who have contributed or still contribute to the creation of Istrian traditional instruments, this important part of the database will be upgraded. It is important to note that an integral part of this project is to provide an open access to the different photo, audio and video material. We believe that this segment too will eventually enrich the content.

In conclusion, we hope that the web project ITI can become a starting point in terms of access and consultation of different types of information on traditional instruments from Istria, which are located in various public and private collections. To achieve the above objectives we will need the help of all those interested, experts and enthusiasts alike, so we sincerely invite you to contribute to this together with us.

Project author and management: Mario Buletić
Collaboration: Dario Marušić
Visual identity: Tihana Nalić
Web application and design: FWD grupa – Pula

This project was realized with the support of the Department of culture of Istria and the Croatian Ministry of Culture. Special thanks to the department for documentation of the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research in Zagreb for their cooperation and for the permission to use and publish valuable material from their documentation holdings.  


We invite you to actively participate and contribute to the common development of the web platform of Istrian traditional instruments and music. Any information or idea is precious to us; the instrument at your disposal; a document; a photo; an audio or video record. Therefore, we call on museums and other public institutions to cooperate, and also folklore groups and associations and private individuals, in short, all of those who can contribute meaningfully to the development of this project. 


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