Double-bore monoxyle labial pipes - made from a single piece of wood. There are four holes for playing (škulje, škuje) on the right pipes and three on the left, and usually on the right pipe there is a thumb hole drilled in line with the first. There are few specimens with a different layout and number of holes. Each bore is closed at the top with a wooden block, with a narrow windway left for the air to strike on the edge of the labium on the upper side.


  • A - the total length of the instrument
  • B - the length from the labium to the end of the instrument
  • C - the width of the lower part
  • D - the width of the upper part
  • E1-E4 - distance from the labium to the first hole (E1); the distance between the other holes (E2-E4);
  • E5 - (the distance from the labium to the thumb hole)
  • F - the diameter of the bore
  • G - the diameter of the finger-holes
Dvojnice (double whistle) - the scheme of instrument's dimensions Dvojnice (double whistle) - dimesions of the pipes and finger-holes