Franko Kos, Kapelica (Albona), 1943

Franko Kos

Franko Kos, born in Kapelica near Labin, dedicated his life to traditional Istrian music: he is a singer, an excellent player and maker of traditional instruments. His family was for sure an inspiring environment for the music. His father, mother, uncles and brother were all dedicated somehow to the traditional music as singers, players and instrument makers. So was Franko, who started to play as a very small kid. Since the 1970s he is frequently performing and is recognized locally as one of the best Istrian players. He was also invited to perform in Italy, France and USA. Bagpipes that he is making are considered one of the best in Istria. His clients come also from other places, mainly from the nearby Cres and Lošinj islands. To conclude, it is very important to say that Franko dedicated an important part of his life to educative activities. He was, and still is, teaching local youngsters to play traditional instruments. A lot of these youngsters became well known players on local level of different instruments.